Dumpy Level

August 30, 2015 Prasiddha 0

The dumpy level originally designed by Gravatt, consists of a telescope tube firmly secured in two collars fixed by adjusting screws to the stage carried […]


August 30, 2015 B. C. Punmia 0

Levelling (or Leveling) is a branch of surveying, the object of which is: i) to find the elevations of given points with respect to a […]

Types of Surveying

August 29, 2015 B. C. Punmia 0

Surveying is primarily classified as under: Plane surveying Geodetic Surveying Plane Surveying is that type of surveying in which the mean surface of the earth […]


August 29, 2015 N N Basak 0

Surveying is the art of determining the relative positions of different objects on the surface of the earth by measuring the horizontal distances between them, […]