August 29, 2015 R. S. Varshney 0

Harnessing the water sources and delivering the water to the fields for raising crops is known as irrigation. It has been estimated that the present […]

Types of Surveying

August 29, 2015 B. C. Punmia 0

Surveying is primarily classified as under: Plane surveying Geodetic Surveying Plane Surveying is that type of surveying in which the mean surface of the earth […]


August 29, 2015 N N Basak 0

Surveying is the art of determining the relative positions of different objects on the surface of the earth by measuring the horizontal distances between them, […]

Uses of cement

August 29, 2015 Prasiddha 0

At present, the cement is widely used across the world in the construction of various engineering structures. It has proved to be one of the […]

High Alumina Cement

August 29, 2015 Prasiddha 0

High Alumina Cement is an inorganic material that form a dense texture when it reacts with water and has a excellent refractory, quick hardening property […]

Hydrophobic cement

August 29, 2015 Prasiddha 0

Hydrophobic cement contains admixtures which decreases the wetting ability of cement grains. The usual hydrophobic admixtures are acidol, naphthenesoap, oxidized petrolatum, etc. These substances form […]

Cement Ingredients

August 29, 2015 S. C. Rangwala 0

The ordinary cement contains two basic ingredients, namely, argillaceous and calcareous. In argillaceous materials, the clay predominates and in calcereous materials, the calcium carbonate predominates. […]

Types of Dams

August 28, 2015 Prasiddha 0

A dam is a hydraulic structure of fairly impervious material built across a river to create a reservoir on its upstream side for impounding water […]


August 28, 2015 S. C. Rangwala 0

The cement concrete is a mixture of cement, sand, pebbles or crushed rock and water, which, when placed in the skeleton of forms and allowed […]

Cement Industry

August 28, 2015 S. C. Rangwala 0

The manufacturing of Portland cement was started in England around 1825. Belgium and Germany started the cement industries in 1855. America started the same in […]

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